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This website is in the works.  You might notice that it comes up for a lot of searches. We are looking to rent the site on a monthly basis.

This site will be customized for your business. We will match the site to reflect your service mix while still allowing it to maintain it’s search engine positions.

We do require you to provide us with some photos that reflect your actual business. We ask that they are taken with a cell phone like an iphone or Samsung Galaxy.


  • It is legal to remove or trim nails with a drill
  • Removal of artificial nails should never be painful
  • Diabetics should always inform technician prior to service for proper care
  • In grown nails and corns should be addressed by medical personnel only (not in salons)


  • All salons in Oklahoma are inspected twice a year
  • All employees need a valid state  licence
  • Hairbraiding can only be done with establishment licence


  • all aspects of the exfoliation process need discussion prior to session start
  • only licensed medical practitioners may use Electrical Muscle Stimulators